Viva Wallet Developer Portal

The Viva Wallet Developer Portal is the single point of reference for merchants, integrators and developers who need to know how to integrate with Viva Wallet.

Viva Wallet provides acquiring and issuing services enabling businesses to receive payments from their customers (accepting a multitude of payment methods), access transaction data, manage corporate expenses and more. Our all-in-one banking solution comprises a business account with account number, sort code, debit card and payment gateway.

Viva Wallet offers many benefits:

Integrate with Viva Wallet

Start accepting payments online through Viva Wallet with ease. Find out more below about how to integrate with Viva Wallet.

E-commerce plugins
Integrate your shop on an e-commerce platform with Viva Wallet by using one of our e-commerce plugins.

Online checkouts
Integrate your online store with Viva Wallet by using one of our online checkouts.

Payment tools
Accept payments online even without having an online store, by using one of our payment tools.

Online marketplace
Set up the payments of your online marketplace using Viva Wallet.

POS API integration
Connect an app or ECR to a POS with our POS API integration.

Web API integration
Create custom payment solutions by using the Viva Wallet Web API.