Retrieve the extrait report

Retrieve the wallet extrait report for a specific month.

HTTP Request

GET /walletaccounts/v1/wallets/{walletId}/extrait/{year}/{month}

URI Parameters

Parameter Type Description
walletId int The Id of a wallet that belongs to the authorized user
year int The year part of the date for the report
month int The month part of the date for the report


Roles: Client Merchant Reseller


        "walletId": "int",
        "currencyCode": "string",
        "personPhone": "string",
        "dateTo": "datetime",
        "dateFrom": "datetime",
        "issueDate": "datetime",
        "personDisplayName": "string",
        "personFullAddress": "string",
        "balanceBroughtForward": "number",
        "balanceCarriedForward": "number",
        "transactions": [
                "amount": "integer",
                "description": "string?",
                "currencyCode": "string",
                "walletAmount": "number",
                "created": "datetime",
                "valueDate": "datetime?"


let access_token = '';
let host = "";

fetch(`${host}/walletaccounts/v1/wallets/481178623650/extrait/2018/07`, {
    method: "GET",         
    headers: {
        "Authorization": `Bearer ${access_token}`,
        "Content-Type": "application/json; charset=utf-8"