Clearing file specification

File name

Clearing_[Partner Name]_[yyyyMMddHHmmss].txt, where [yyyyMMddHHmmss] is the local datetime that file was generated. For example, Clearing_VivaBank_20180101000000.txt.

File format

Semicolon delimited format.

Content encoding


File structure

File consists of three main sections: the header, one or multiple rows and the trailer. Each row represents a financial transaction.

Cut-off time

The partner receives one clearing file per day, at a predefined time.

Sample file

A plain text sample of the clearing file is available for download.

Header structure

Filed no Field Name Datatype/Length R(equired)/ O(ptional) Notes
1 Record Type alpha(1) R Fixed H
2 File Id alphanumericspecial(36) (Guid) R A unique file identifier

Trailer structure

Filed no Field Name Datatype/Length R(equired)/ O(ptional) Notes
1 Record Type alpha(1) R Fixed T
3 Total Transactions Count numeric(12) R The number of financial transactions contained in the file (range: 000000000001-999999999999)
3 Total Debit Amount numeric(16) R 0000000001105600
4 Total Credit Amount numeric(16) R 0000000001105600

Amounts are expressed in the minor unit of currency without a decimal separator in accordance with ISO standards for currency notation. For example, a transaction amount of EUR 212.50 is expressed as 000000021250.

Financial message row

Field No Field Name Datatype/Length R(required)/O(ptional) Notes
1 Record Type alpha(1) R Fixed R
2 Presentment Id alphanumericspecial(36) (Guid) R The unique Identifier of a transaction within the Issuer’s Clearing system
3 Card Token alphanumeric(40) (String) R A unique card identifier
4 Authorization Id alphanumericspecial(36) (Guid) O The unique Id of the authorization for the transaction (where applicable*)
5 Transaction Type Id alphanumeric(2) R See Clearing Transaction Type Id
6 Reversal Indicator alpha(1) O Empty or R or {Space}
7 Credit/Debit Indicator alpha(1) R Indicates teh action to be applied to the account, C or D
8 Amount numeric(12) R The cardholder billing amount
9 Currency Code alphanumeric(3) R The designated cardholder billing currency as defined by ISO 4217 (numeric codes)
10 Local Transaction Date and Time alphanumeric(12) R The card acceptor’s local transaction date and time. Format: YYMMDDhhmmss
11 Card Acceptor Business Code (MCC) numeric(4) R
12 Card Acceptor Id Code alphanumericspecial(15) R Uniquely identifies the card acceptor (merchant) within the Acquirer’s system
13 Card Acceptor Name Location alphanumericspecial(99) R The card acceptor’s name and location as known to the cardholder

Note 1: Purchase Return transactions (Type 20) only present in clearing files, without prior authorization.

Note 2: The Reversal Indicator indicates whether the current transaction reverses a previous one. Empty denotes a normal transaction, R the reversal of a transaction and {Space} the reversal of a reversal. This field serves informational purposes only; any funds’ application on the account must be based solely on the Credit/Debit Indicator and the amount as presented in each row.