Add source

Payment Sources allow you to group your sales into meaningful groups. They can be managed through the web self-care environment by logging in with your merchant profile then navigating to Sales > Websites / Apps.

To add a source through the API you use the AddSource method.

Request information

POST /api/sources


This API call uses Identity Server authentication.


  • Name ( string ): A meaningful name that will help you identify the source in Web Self Care environment
  • SourceCode ( string ): A unique code that is exchanged between your application and the API
  • Domain ( string ): The primary domain of your site. You should NOT enter protocol information (http/https) or paths. For example is a valid value for this property. or are not.
  • IsSecure ( boolean ): A value of true indicates that your site’s protocol is https.
  • PathFail ( string ): The relative path url your client will end up to, after a failed transaction
  • PathSuccess ( string ): The relative path url your client will end up to, after a successful transaction

Response information

Response http status, as usual, indicates the successful source creation or not (status 200 = OK).

Approval rules hold for this API call too. A source with a new domain will require approval (1-2 days). Any source that uses a domain already approved will be automatically approved.

Sample request

   "Name": "Site 1",
   "Domain": "",
   "IsSecure": true,
   "PathFail": "site/failure.aspx",
   "PathSuccess": "site/success.aspx",
   "SourceCode": "site1"

The above call will result in a a source with the following success/failure URLs: