Cancel transaction

This method allows you to:

  • Cancel a card payment occurred within the same business day (till 22:00 GMT+2).
  • Make a partial or full refund of a successful payment that has already been cleared.

To avoid an error, ensure you have enabled refunds in your Viva Wallet Account.

Request information

DELETE /api/transactions/{TransactionId}


This API call uses Identity Server authentication.


  • Amount ( int64 ): The amount that will be refunded in cents (amount in euros x 100). It should not exceed the of the original payment. Note: If you want to create a payment for 100,37 €, you need to pass the value 10037

  • ActionUser ( string ): The username that initiated this action, used optionally for your own logging purposes.

Sample request

DELETE /api/transactions/101f4704-8464-42cc-ba9a-5399d142b9b8?amount=100

Response information

  • TimeStamp ( datetime ): The server date and time that the Payment Order creation was completed in ISO 8601 format.

  • TransactionId ( uuid ): The unique id for the new transaction.

  • StatusId ( string ): The current status of this transaction. It can have one of the following values:

EThe transaction was not completed because of an error
AThe transaction is in progress
MThe cardholder has disputed the transaction with the issuing Bank
UA disputed transaction has been refunded
XThe transaction was cancelled by the merchant
RThe transaction has been fully or partially refunded
FThe transaction has been completed successfully
  • ErrorCode ( int32 ): If the call is not successful, an error code is generated. For successful calls the value 0 is returned.

  • ErrorText ( string ): If the ErrorCode is not 0, a descriptive error message is returned.

Sample response

  "TransactionId": "101f4704-8464-42cc-ba9a-5399d142b9b8",
  "StatusId": "F",
  "ErrorCode": 0,
  "ErrorText": "",
  "TimeStamp": "2012-12-24T16:29:00.2339259+02:00"