Original Credit Transaction

The Original Credit Transaction (OCT) API call enables you to directly pay an amount to a card. It is essentially a refund transaction which allows you to return money to the card irrespective of the original payment amount.

You need to specifically be granted access to this API call. Please request permission by emailing support@vivapayments.com.

Request information

DELETE /api/transactions/{TransactionsId}?Amount={amount}&ServiceId=6


This API call uses Identity Server authentication.

TransactionIdThe TransactionId of the original payment transaction (type 5 or 6)GuidYes
AmountThe amount, in cents, to be returnedLongYes
ServiceIdYou need to pass the value 6 in order to perform an OCTByteYes
MerchantTrnsAn ID or a short description that helps you uniquely identify the transaction. For example, this can be your customer order reference numberStringNo
CustomerTrnsA friendly description that you want to display to the cardholder. This description appears on the receipt the cardholder receivesStringNo

Please refer also to Cancel transaction method call of the public API.

Sample request

DELETE https://demo.vivapayments.com/api/transactions/8b303338-2ab5-4b71-a077-3c0139cd6a8b?amount=150&ServiceId=6

Sample response

  "Amount": -1.5,
  "StatusId": "F",
  "TransactionId": "45b02deb-dbe6-487d-8882-1da4122ed466",
  "RemainingRefunds": null,
  "AuthorizationId": "612132",
  "ErrorCode": 0,
  "ErrorText": null,
  "TimeStamp": "2015-06-18T12:39:00.1139811+03:00"

A valid OCT API call will result in http status code 200 along with an object as shown above. All preliminary checks are carried out to ensure the Merchant has the rights and sufficient balance to perform the operation