Retrieve transactions

Enables you to obtain:

  • Details for all transactions for a given payment order.
  • A list of all transactions that occurred on a given day.
  • A list of all transactions for a given Source Code for a specific day.

Request information

GET /api/transactions/{id}


This API call uses basic authentication.


  • id ( guid ): The id of a specific transaction
  • date ( date ): A given day for which all transactions will be returned
  • clearancedate ( date ): If we want to get all transactions that were cleared on a specific date
  • ordercode ( int64 ): A valid 1216 digit Payment Order code
  • sourcecode ( string ): The Source Code for which the transaction has been setup

Note 1: The {id} segment is optional.
Note 2: SourceCode is case-sensitive.
Note 3: SourceCode needs also the date or the ordercode parameter.

Sample requests

GET /api/transactions/b1a3067c-321b-4ec6-bc9d-1778aef2a19d

GET /api/transactions/?ordercode=175936509216

GET /api/transactions/?date=2018-08-27

GET /api/transactions/?clearancedate=2018-08-27

GET /api/transactions/?sourcecode=Default&date=2018-08-27

Response information

  • ErrorCode: If the call is not successful, an error code is generated. For successful calls the value 0 is returned.
  • ErrorText: If the ErrorCode is not 0, a descriptive error message is returned.
  • TimeStamp: The server date and time that the response to this method call was created in ISO 8601 format.

Sample response

  "Transactions": [
      "TransactionId": "b1a3067c-321b-4ec6-bc9d-1778aef2a19d",
      "MerchantId": "21192b18-78cc-4643-b8ae-e796318dbb38",
      "ResellerId": null,
      "StatusId": "F",
      "ParentId": "ce5de8be-bed6-494c-8988-f07841221ba8",
      "Fee": 1.0,
      "Amount": 10.0,
      "Commission": 2.0,
      "MerchantTrns": "Your Ref",
      "CustomerTrns": "Description that the customer sees",
      "CreatedBy": "username",
      "SourceCode": "default",
      "ResellerSourceCode": null,
      "ClearanceDate": "2012-12-24T15:21:44.3243753+02:00",
      "InsDate": "2012-12-24T15:21:44.3243753+02:00",
      "Order": {
        "OrderCode": 175936509216,
        "ChannelId": "93b1a083-2594-4383-a0e2-7d391b746237",
        "ResellerId": null,
        "SourceCode": "default",
        "ResellerSourceCode": null,
        "RequestLang": "en-US",
        "Tags": [
          "sample string 1",
          "sample string 2",
          "sample string 3"
      "Payment": {
        "ChannelId": "cdbc3eb0-7f51-49dc-b447-a6e38b68a438",
        "RecurringSupport": true,
        "Installments": 4,
        "Email": "",
        "Phone": "2131234567"
        "FullName": "Customer Name",
      "CreditCard": {
        "CardHolderName": "Cardholder Name",
        "Number": "123456XXXXXX1234",
        "Token": "sample string 3",
        "CountryCode" : "GR",
        "CardIssuingBank" : "EFG EUROBANK",
        "CardType": {
          "CardTypeId": 1,
          "Name": "VISA"
      "TransactionType": {
        "TransactionTypeId": 1,
        "Name": "Charge"
  "ErrorCode": 0,
  "ErrorText": "Error",
  "TimeStamp": "2012-12-24T15:21:44.3263755+02:00"

View full details of the transaction statuses and types that can be returned in the response.