Update order

Enables you to update certain information relating to a standing payment order.

Request information

PATCH /api/orders/{OrderCode}

OrderCode ( int64 ): A valid 16-digit Payment Order code.


This API call uses Identity Server authentication.


At least one of the following parameters should be present in the request body:

  • Amount ( int64 ): The new amount of the Order in cents
  • IsCanceled ( bool ): Changes the canceled state of the Order
  • DisablePaidState ( bool ): Allows the Order to accept multiple payments (true) or not (false)
  • ExpirationDate ( date ): Alters the Expiration Date of the Order

Sample request

PATCH /api/orders/1759365092166384

    "Amount": 3900,
    "IsCanceled": 0,
    "ExpirationDate": "2017-12-01 03:00:00+2:00"

Response information

A valid request will result in an empty response with http status code 200. All required validation checks are carried out and reflected in the status code of the response (e.g. status code 404 for non-existent OrderCode).