App specs for Android POS terminals

Applies to: Android Card Terminal Ethernet, Android Card Terminal 4G, Mobile Card Terminal Plus, Mobile Card Terminal.

To successfully upload an Android APK to the Viva Wallet PAX Store and distribute and update it to PAX Paydroid terminals, check the following two areas first. Provide the app and release information (1) and ensure the app can operate with restrictions (2). The final signing, uploading, and distribution of the app will be completed by Viva Wallet.

1. Android app and release information

The below requirements are similar to those of the Google Play Store:

* To publish an APK on Google Play Store, any developer can choose to have the signature keypair stored by Google in its systems, linked to the developer account; or to have a local keystore file containing signature public and private key. To publish an APK on Viva Wallet PAX Store, the suggested method is to use a local keystore, and let Android Studio sign the APK. All the APK versions should be signed by the same developer signature.

2. PAX Android terminal restrictions