Preauth Request

An overview of the Preauth Request message.


Please see below for information on configuring the Preauth Request, as well as the expected Preauth Response.

If you wish to activate preAuth functionality in your terminals, please contact your Viva Wallet sales representative. Alternatively, you can contact us directly via our live chat facility, by simply clicking on the live chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.


Supported on PayDroid terminals only, not compatible with Linux devices.

For a typical pre-auth request the client must provide the same info as for txSaleRequest except for the following:

Field Type Length (chars) Description Example Required Card terminal support
msgType String 3 '100' '100' Android Card Terminals

The above information elements must be joined into one single string using ‘|’ as a separator. i.e.


If the resulting string gets appropriately transmitted to the terminal, the terminal will respond with a txPreauthResponse message.


Supported on PayDroid terminals only, not compatible with Linux devices.

After executing a Pre-auth transaction the terminal responds with a txPreauthResponse to indicate if the transaction has been approved or not.

A txPreauthResponse for an approved transaction looks as follows:

Android Card Terminals:

0248|000042|110|00|00|Contactless/None~RRN:204814800832|MASTERCARD|537535******9228|800832|008179|000001|10.00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00| 16000281|2048160114000202|2048160114||||||||1cf9a839-7dcd-49f1-937c-bb47dfda67b2|2022-02-17T16:42:26.1290935+02:00|3

The contents of the response is the same as for txSaleResponse with the exception of the following:

Field Type Length (chars) Description Example Card terminal support
msgTypeResp String 3 ‘110’ ‘110’ Android Card Terminals

Capturing Money

In order to capture the money from a preauth transaction, you cannot perform this action directly from a terminal, but can either Create a Transaction with particular parameters (see use-case 2 here) or capture the pre-auth request in your Viva Wallet UI as described here.

Failure reasons

See Failure reasons and ISO codes under txSaleResponse. These are the same for all transaction types (Sales, Cancelations and Pre-auths).

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