Before you begin:

Step 1: Create a payment source

To add a new payment source in the Viva Wallet banking app:

  1. Click on Sales in the left navigation:

    Sales submenu
  2. Click on Online payments in the Sales submenu:

    Online payments submenu
  3. Click on Websites / apps in the Online payments submenu:

    Online payments submenu
  4. Click on the Add Website/App button on the right.
    The New Payment Source dialog box is displayed:

    New Payment Source dialog box
  5. Complete the fields as follows:

    • Code – the four-digit number in the top-left of the dialog box is the ‘Source Code’. Make a note of it for use in your plugin.
    • Source Name – give your payment source a source name so you can recognise it in your reports.
    • Linked Wallet – link the payment source to the required wallet.
    • Protocol – if your e-commerce platform uses SSL on the checkout, select https, otherwise use http.
    • Domain Name – enter the domain name to be associated (without the protocol. i.e. use [(www.)yourdomain.com], not http://[yourdomain].com). If the site uses www, it must be specified and visa versa.
    • Integration method – leave this with redirection selected.
    • Company Logo - a PNG of your company logo to be displayed on the Viva Wallet payment page.
    • Success URL – enter [success_url] as described in the plugin instructions.
    • Failure URL – enter [failure_url] as described in the plugin instructions.
  6. Click on the Create button to finish creating the payment source.

Once the payment source moves from a status of ‘Pending’ to ‘Active’ in the Website/Apps list, it’s ready to use. This should take no longer than 24 hours.

Step 2: Integrate with the e-commerce store

1) Unzip the archive (API-master.zip) you downloaded earlier.

2) Open the directory (API-master⁩/Plugins⁩/cscart/cscart-vivawallet) containing the source files.

3) Upload the files from the package.

4) Backup your database and execute the following SQL statements (with phpmyadmin for example):

INSERT INTO `cscart_payment_processors` (`processor`, `processor_script`, `processor_template`, `admin_template`, `callback`, `type`) VALUES
('Viva Payments', 'vivawallet.php', 'vivawallet.tpl', 'vivawallet.tpl', 'N', 'P');

INSERT INTO `cscart_language_values` (`lang_code` ,`name` ,`value`) VALUES
('EN', 'vivawallet_instalments', 'Instalments');

INSERT INTO `cscart_language_values` (`lang_code` ,`name` ,`value`) VALUES
('EN', 'vivawallet_no_instalments', 'No Instalments');

INSERT INTO `cscart_language_values` (`lang_code` ,`name` ,`value`) VALUES
('EN', 'vivawallet_instalments_step', 'Instalment steps');

INSERT INTO `cscart_language_values` (`lang_code` ,`name` ,`value`) VALUES
('EN', 'vivawallet_instalments_start', 'First instalment');

INSERT INTO `cscart_language_values` (`lang_code` ,`name` ,`value`) VALUES
('EN', 'vivawallet_transaction_fail', 'Transaction failed or has been cancelled.');

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `vivawalletdata`;
CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `vivawalletdata` (
  `hp_id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
  `hp_oid` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `hp_code` varchar(150) DEFAULT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`hp_id`)

5) Copy the files to your store root (no files are overwritten), copy the files that are inside the skins/basic also to your used template (skins/yourusedtemplate).

6) Add the new payment method through your store admin area:

  • Select from dropdown template vivawallet.tpl.
  • Select from dropdown processor Viva Payments.
  • Select payment category Internet Payments (if available).
  • Add a title.
  • In the configure tab, specify an installment logic (optional).

7) Save the settings.

Step 3: Set an optional webhook

  1. Go to Settings > API Access > Webhooks in the Viva Wallet banking app:

    Webhooks tab

  2. Click on Create Webhook.
    The New Webhook dialog box is displayed:

    New webhook dialog box

  3. In the Url field, enter
    exchanging the placeholder for your actual domain name.

  4. Choose Transaction Payment Created from the Event Type dropdown.

  5. Click on the Save button.