Magento 2.1-2.2

Our plugin for Magento 2.1-2.2 enables you to receive payments to your Magento online store via the Viva Wallet payment gateway.

Before you start

Setup instructions

Adding the Viva Wallet plugin to Magento 2.1-2.2 consists of the following steps.

Step 1: Create a payment source

To add a new payment source in the Viva Wallet banking app:

  1. Click on Sales in the left navigation:

    Sales menu
  2. Click on Online payments in the Sales menu.

  3. Click on Websites / apps in the Online payments menu:

    Online payments menu

  4. Click on the Add Website/App button in the top right-hand corner:

    Add Website button
    The New Payment Source dialog box is displayed:

    New Payment Source dialog box

  5. Complete the fields as follows:

    • Code – the four-digit number in the top-left of the dialog box is the ‘Source Code’. Make a note of it for use in your plugin.
    • Source Name – give your payment source a source name so you can recognise it in your reports.
    • Linked Wallet – link the payment source to the required wallet.
    • Protocol – if your e-commerce platform uses SSL on the checkout, select https, otherwise use http.
    • Domain Name – enter the domain name to be associated (without the protocol. i.e. use [(www.)], not http://[yourdomain].com). If the site uses www, it must be specified and visa versa.
    • Integration method – leave this with redirection selected.
    • Company Logo - a PNG of your company logo to be displayed on the Viva Wallet payment page.
    • Success URLvivapayments/viva/callback
    • Failure URLvivapayments/viva/callback
    • Checkboxes – read the information against each one and select them all.
  6. Click on the Create button to finish creating the payment source.

Step 2: Integrate with your e-commerce store

To start using Viva Wallet as the payment gateway within Magento 2.1 - 2.2:

  1. Unzip the archive ( you downloaded earlier.

  2. Open the directory (API-master⁩/Plugins⁩/magento⁩/magento2_vivawallet/Ced/VivaPayments) containing the source files.

  3. Upload the files to your Magento installation, only new files will be added to the app/code/Ced/VivaPayments folder.

  4. Enable module: bin/magento module:enable --clear-static-content Ced_VivaPayments.

  5. Upgrade database: bin/magento setup:upgrade

  6. Re-run compile command: bin/magento cache:flush

  7. Re-run compile command: bin/magento setup:di:compile

  8. In the Magento store settings:

    • MerchantID – your Viva Wallet Merchant ID
    • API Key – your Viva Wallet API Key
    • Source Code – the payment source you set up in the Viva Wallet banking app
    • OrderCode URL –
    • Gateway URL –
    • Transaction URL –