Our plugin for Shopify enables you to receive payments to your Shopify store via the Viva Wallet payment gateway.


Your 32-character Store Token will contain a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols. If you own multiple stores you can use the same token to connect these to the Viva Wallet payment gateway.

Setup instructions

To add the Viva Wallet plugin to Shopify:

  1. Log in to your store as an administrator.

  2. Click on Settings in the bottom-left corner of your Shopify home page:

    Shopify home page

  3. Click on Payment providers:

    Shopify settings

  4. Remove any other payment gateway that handle card payments. Shopify does not allow multiple card payment providers (you may leave PayPal there if you wish).

  5. In your current browser window, open to display the Recently accessed stores page.

  6. Click on your store to display the pre-installation page:

    Pre-installation page

  7. Click on the Install payment provider button. A confirmation popup will be displayed:

    Shopify Activation Message

  8. One of the following will happen:

    • The Viva Wallet payment provider settings will be displayed immediately:

      Viva Wallet Payment Provider
      In this instance, go straight to step 9 below.

    • Or, the Payment providers page will be displayed:

      Payment Providers
      In which case:

      a. Click on the Add a provider button to display the Change provider dialog box.
      b. Select the Third party credit card provider radio button then choose Viva Wallet from the ‘Provider’ dropdown:

      Change Provider
      c. Click on the Continue button to display the Viva Wallet payment provider settings:

      Viva Wallet Payment Provider
  9. In the Merchant ID and Store Token fields, enter the relevant details from Viva Wallet (described under Prerequisites) and ensure Use test mode is disabled.

  10. Click on the Activate button and an activation message will be displayed:

    On the Payment providers page, Viva Wallet is now listed in place of Shopify Payments:

    Payment Providers Viva Wallet
    You should also receive an email from Shopify confirming the change.

  11. Go to Settings > General > Currency and set the currency of your Shopify store to one of the currencies supported by Viva Wallet:

    • Euro (EUR)
    • British pound (GBP)
    • Romanian leu (RON)
  12. Click on the Save button.
    The Shopify integration is now complete. You can start receiving payments through Viva Wallet!