Viva Wallet for WooCommerce

Our latest payment plugin for WooCommerce integrates natively with your store enabling you to synchronize sales, refunds, bank transfers and customer data between WooCommerce and Viva Wallet. It features next-day settlement, PCI DSS Level 1 compliance and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). Supported payment methods:


Installation (if installing for the first time)

  1. Click on the Free Download button on our product page .
    A shopping cart is displayed.

  2. Complete the form with your details and click on the Purchase button. Note that as this is a free download you will not be asked for payment.
    A confirmation page is displayed.

  3. Click on the Download link to download to your local machine.

  4. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin on your Wordpress site and select the ZIP file you just downloaded.

  5. Click Install Now then Activate Plugin.

  6. Find Viva Wallet for WooCommerce in the list and click Settings.

  7. Now proceed to the next section, below, to find out how to configure the plugin.

Installation (if upgrading from a previous version)

See upgrading the plugin further down this page. Once you have enabled the new plugin in the plugins list, proceed to Step 1 of ‘Getting started’.

Getting started

Before going any further, you need to make sure your WooCommerce currency is set to the same as your Viva Wallet account currency: WooCommerce > Settings > General > Currency options. There are 5 currencies available. Which one you should choose is dependent on the country in which you registered your Viva Wallet account:

Step 1: Capture Viva Wallet for WooCommerce credentials

First, you need to grab your WooCommerce credentials from your Viva Wallet account:

  1. Log in to Viva Wallet, demo or live , and select the required account.

  2. Go to Settings > API access:

    API access page

  3. Scroll down to WooCommerce Credentials and click on Generate a pair of credentials.

  4. Make a temporary copy of the values in notepad (or similar).

    WooCommerce credentials

Step 2: Specify required settings

From WooCommerce > Settings > Payments on your Wordpress site, do the following:

  1. Select the Enable Viva Wallet checkbox:

    Viva Wallet payment module settings
    If you wish to offer your customers Apple Pay (Safari only), select the Enable Apple Pay checkbox.

  2. Tick the Enable demo mode checkbox, if you wish to test before going live. Untick to begin accepting payments with Viva Wallet.

  3. Enter your Live Client ID and Live Client Secret (obtained from your Viva Wallet account earlier). The Demo Client ID and Demo Client Secret are different and should only be used when ‘Enable demo mode’ is selected in step 2.

  4. Click on Save changes. A confirmation message will be displayed with the payment source code that the plugin set up automatically within your Viva Wallet account. Once the payment source is activated , you’re ready to start receiving payments from your customers through Viva Wallet.

Step 3: Specify advanced settings (optional)

Selecting the Show advanced settings checkbox on the same page reveals further options:

Advanced settings

Apple Pay

For Apple Pay to function correctly, all requirements for the native plugin must be met (i.e. you must have a verified Viva Wallet account and valid credentials set. Your account must be active and able to receive payments). 

If your credentials are valid and Enable Apple Pay is checked, the installation process and registration of your domain with Apple Pay services are initialized.  

Once the installation process is complete, you will see a new notice on the top of the page Your domain is verified with Apple Pay and you are ready to accept payments! 


Stores that wish to accept Apple Pay must meet the following requirements:

Payment request button

Customers need to have a payment method from a supported bank or payment card provider listed at the Apple Pay support page , and a compatible Apple device .

Enabling Apple Pay on your site via the Viva Wallet for WooCommerce payment gateway is an automated process. When you select the Enable Apple Pay checkbox (see under Step 2: Specify required settings, above), the plugin configures Apple Pay and registers your domain automatically.

Upgrading the plugin

There are two ways in which you can perform a plugin upgrade.

Automatic update

If you need to update the extension you can do this automatically from the WordPress plugins page. However, first you need to make sure you have connected your site to To do that:

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Extensions on your Wordpress site and select the Subscriptions tab.

  2. Click on the Connect button:

    Connect WooCommerce
    A confirmation message is displayed.

  3. Click on the Approve button.

  4. Open the Plugins page and click on the Enable auto-updates link next to the Viva Wallet for WooCommerce entry.
    Now, with each new release of our plugin, you’ll be prompted to update it. Clicking on the Update now link will do this immediately. Your previous settings will be retained.

Manual update

You can also update manually by downloading the latest version from your WooCommerce account . Once you have the zip file downloaded, you should deactivate and delete the existing version from the Plugins page on your Wordpress site. Then you can install the new version using the Upload Plugin option. Now go to Step 1 of ‘Getting started’.


What card numbers can I use for testing?

Yes, please see card details below, for use in demo mode only. No actual payments can be made within this environment but you can use these cards to make demo payments of 30p or more.

Long card numberIssuerCVCExpiry date
4111 1111 1111 1111VisaAny 3 digitsAny future date
5900000000000000022MastercardAny 3 digitsAny future date
378282246310005American ExpressAny 4 digitsAny future date

Can I test Apple Pay?

Yes, please follow the link here for instructions Apple Pay Sandbox Testing .

Is there any difference in the setup process between demo and live?

In both cases, the new payment source is activated immediately. However, on live, our team also checks the WooCommerce website assigned to the payment source in case of any potential issues.

Can I test the plugin using a development server?

For test purposes, the best option is to have a staging site, e.g. You can replicate your live site and try out the Viva Wallet for WooCommerce plugin without using a public domain name.

Another way is to set up a development environment on a local machine, but in this case you’ll need to use domain masking as localhost won’t work. You’ll need a directive in your hosts file so that you can navigate to but the browser will serve the local site. This way you can test locally, make sure everything works, then apply the changes to your production website.

For both these options you should try the plugin in demo mode, configured with the WooCommerce credentials from your Viva Wallet sandbox account .

Another option for local testing is to use ngrok , an application for exposing a web server running on your local machine to the internet. View ngrok documentation .

Can I refund a customer from Viva Wallet?

Yes, you can do this through the WooCommerce ‘Orders’ page as follows:

  1. Click on the required order to view the order details page.

  2. Enter refund amount, full or partial.

  3. Click Refund via Viva Wallet button:

    Refund via Viva Wallet

  4. The order status is amended accordingly on the ‘Orders’ page:

    WooCommerce orders page

How do I make translations of the plugin?

See WooCommerce article Generating a New Translation for instructions on how to support additional languages. Our translation template, Viva-Wallet-for-WooCommerce.pot is available in the /languages directory of the plugin.

Where can I get support?

Please email .


Solutions to common problems.

I’m getting an API error

Ensure that you have entered the correct credentials. If you are in live mode, you should have entered live credentials (not demo keys). If this does not solve the error and you need to troubleshoot the issue, we have a log facility you can access. From within WP Admin, do the following:

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Status > Logs tab.
  2. Select required date from the dropdown and click on the View button.
  3. Copy the contents into a text file and save it with an appropriate name. 

Apple Pay – setup issues

The domain registration process with Apple Services is a two-step process. The plugin first attempts to create a new folder named .well-known located in your domain root folder ( It then tries to save a file named apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association in that folder. 

If the first step is successful, a call to Viva Wallet API endpoints is fired. This registers the domain with Apple Pay services. When this call is made, the .well-known directory is scanned for the file that contains the relevant key. This is how the registration gets authenticated.    In the case of errors produced while writing the file to your domain root, you will receive relevant error messages, for instance, unable to create folder / copy file. The most common cause of this is a permissions issue.

To resolve, do one or more of the following:

If the above fails: 

  1. Download the Apple Pay verification file containing the domain association key. 
  2. Upload the file to the .well-known directory. 
  3. Go to the Viva Wallet plugin settings and reload/save your settings to complete the registration.