Getting started

To get started receiving payments with Viva Wallet is fairly straightforward:

1. Register and log in

There are two types of account, one capable of creating ‘pseudo’ transactions and the other one dealing with real money.

Sandbox account

Base URL:

If you need to try out our payment functionality in a test environment first, sign up for a demo merchant account. This is an exact replica of production.

No actual payments can be made within this environment but you can use the test card (details below) to make demo payments of 30p or more.

Log in to demo

If already signed up for a demo account, simply choose your language version from below to log in to our banking app:

Production account

Base URL:

If you need to dive straight in to a fully functional production platform, register for a live merchant account.

Actual transactions are executed in production. The minimum transaction amount is the same as for the demo account.

Log in to live

If you’ve already signed up for a business account with us, log in using the username and password you set up. Your username is the same as your mobile phone number but without the opening zero. Select the required link from below to log in to our banking app with your language version:

2. Start taking payments

Integrate with Viva Wallet for payments. Choose the option that best suits your business: