Source for stores

These sources are used for POS payments within physical stores.

Add a payment source

To add a new payment source for stores, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into Viva Wallet (either demo or live ) and select the relevant account

  2. Click on Sales in the left navigation menu:
    Sales menu

  3. Navigate to Physical payments > Stores:
    Online payments menu

  4. Click on the Add Store button in the top right-hand corner:
    Add Website button

  5. You will see the New Payment Source dialog box displayed:
    New Payment Source dialog box

  6. Complete the fields as follows:

    • Code – The four-digit number at the top-left of the dialog box is the ‘Source Code’ - the unique code of this payment source. This code is automatically generated, but you can choose a different value if preferred (for organisational purposes, for example)

    • Store Name – give your store a name so you can recognise it in your reports

    • Customer Description – enter a friendly store description that will be shown on your customers’ bank statements

    • Store Address – enter the address of your store

    • Tel. number – enter the phone number of your store

  7. Finally, click on the Create button to finish creating the payment source

Further information

For further information, please see our related tutorials:

Get Support

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