Download ' | Terminal' application DEMO

Guidance on downloading the ' | Terminal' application DEMO application.

Overview and pre-requisites

Viva Wallet’s ‘ | Terminal’ application DEMO allows merchants to test POS functionality in the sandbox environment. Test payments can be made, with no real funds being transferred.

Refunds and cancellations are not functional in the Demo application / sandbox environment

The ‘ | Terminal’ application DEMO is available for Android and can be recognised by one of the following icons:

Demo ' | Terminal' application - Icons

In order to download the ‘ | Terminal’ application DEMO, you will first need to consider the below pre-requisites:

  1. A Demo account is needed to log in. You can sign up for a Demo account here

  2. Before you can locate and download the application, your email address associated with the Google Play Store will need to be whitelisted. Please contact Viva Wallet to action this for you

Download and set up

When the above actions have been completed, you can find the Demo POS app via this direct link (please note: this link will lead to a ‘not found’ page if you are not logged into an account with a whitelisted email address)

Demo ' | Terminal' application - Download

From the app page, you will be able to review and download the application. Installation may take a couple of minutes:

Demo ' | Terminal' application - Play Store

Once the app has been downloaded and installed, you will see the icon on your device. You can then open and activate the app by logging in or by following our activation guide:

Demo ' | Terminal' application - Installed

Get Support

If you would like to integrate with Viva Wallet, or if you have any queries about our products and solutions, please see our Contact & Support page to see how we can help!