View the payment source list

A payment source is where you provide details such as the domain name for your online store, the Viva Wallet account the payments will be deposited into (in case you have many), your company logo to show to the customer on the payment form, and so on. Multiple sources must be created when managing multiple online stores; each online store then has its own source. Also, you may want to use multiple sources, even for the same online store, in case you want to group and filter transactions (e.g. for different product categories).

To view the current list of payment sources within your Viva Wallet account:

  1. Log in to Viva Wallet, demo or live , and select the required account.

    You should fill the code 111111 to pass through successfully the Two-Factor Authentication functionality in demo environment.

  2. Click on Sales in the left navigation:

    Sales menu
  3. Click on Online payments in the Sales menu:

    Online payments menu
  4. Click on Websites / Apps in the Online payments menu:

    Online payments menu
    The payment source list is displayed in the main part of the page under ‘Websites / Apps’..