Debugging errors

Information Description
Merchant ID Your Merchant ID which can be found following the below path in Selfcare:
Menu– > Settings – > API ACCESS
Integration Solution The Viva Wallet solution used, such as Smart Checkout, WooCommerce Plugin, Native API, etc
Date & Time When the reported error occurred
Transaction ID Any transaction Id generated during the API Call
BIN (Bank Identification Number If a card was used during the transaction, provide its first 6 digits
X-Viva-CorrelationId Unique ID of the API call (please refer to next section)
X-Viva-EventId Unique ID of the observed event of the API call (please refer to next section)

Where to find X-Viva-CorrelationId and X-Viva-EventId

The above two headers can normally be found in the response from a request sent to the Viva Wallet API.


To locate in Postman, click on the Headers tab as shown below:

Postman response header

Google Chrome

To locate in Google Chrome:

  1. On the payment page of one of our plugins, go to View > Developer > Developer Tools to show the Chrome developer tools with the Network tab selected alongside your webpage.

  2. Enter dummy card details and click on the Place order button after accepting the terms and conditions.
    An order confirmation page is displayed.

  3. Check the developer tools data which should have been updated with a series of request items, one item listed per line. Click once on one of the Viva Wallet API calls and you will see detailed information. X-Viva-CorrelationId will be shown in the Response Headers section:

    Chrome response header