ISV Partner program

Allowing Independent Software Vendors and their merchants to easily and efficiently integrate with Viva Wallet's platform.


Integrate new features, differentiate your business model and grow your business — all with the support of Viva Wallet.

Our Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner program enables you to offer your products to any merchant inside the EEA without the need to expand your operations outside your country. Since Viva Wallet will be collecting the fee from your merchants, there is no need for you to establish a local presence in each country.


Our ISV program allows you to add payment options to your retail or business software, help your customers complete transactions faster and easier, and introduce new features without having to use a third-party payment terminal or software.

Some of the main benefits include:


There are various methods for an ISV Partner to integrate with Viva Wallet:

Ecommerce / API

Card Present

Account setup

You can get set up as a Viva Wallet ISV Partner in four simple steps:

Step 1 - Register your interest

Submit this form to express your interest in participating in the ISV Partner program.

Using the service means acceptance of our ISV framework agreement

If you are already in touch with our Sales team, please skip this step.

Step 2 - Sign up for a production account

After successful approval of your application:

Step 3 - Sign up for a demo account

1 Required for testing with Tap on Phone app only.

Step 4 - Provide your details

Provide our Sales team with:

Merchant onboarding

In order to onboard merchants, you can utilise our API-based onboarding process. These APIs streamline the onboarding process, reducing manual intervention and saving time for ISV Partners and merchants. Real-time notifications for onboarding and account verification are also available, in the form of webhooks, simplifying integration and enhancing the user experience.

Connected account API calls

The merchant onboarding process can be initiated with the Create a connected account API call, and information can be retrieved with Retrieve information about a connected account.

Please see the steps below for details on how to onboard merchants:

In the Demo environment, the merchant will not be able to follow the Onboarding URL mentioned below, as the onboarding flow only applies to the Production environment

  1. You - as the ISV Partner - initiate the creation of a connected merchant account via our Create a connected account API call, receiving an Account ID (accountId) and Onboarding URL (redirectUrl) in the response

  2. This Onboarding URL is then shared with the merchant, who follows the URL to begin the onboarding process

  3. Throughout the onboarding process, Viva Wallet handles all due diligence and verification steps - also known as Know Your Customer (KYC) / Know Your Business (KYB) - with no further action or input required by the ISV Partner

  4. You can use our Retrieve information about a connected account API call to retrieve information on a merchant account, such as email address, verification status and invitation details. Importantly, this API call also returns the account’s Merchant ID, which is used when creating payments for the account - this is also returned in the Account Connected and Account Verification Status Changed webhooks, outlined below

Using our ISV Webhook APIs, you are able to set up webhook notifications on behalf of your merchants. These can relate to the onboarding process, as well as to day-to-day payments and transactions.

Please see the steps below for details on how to set up webhooks:

  1. Firstly, use our Retrieve webhook key API call to generate a webhook verification key to be used in the response of your webhook endpoints for verification purposes

  2. You can then use the Create webhook API to set up webhooks for your desired events. Specifically regarding the onboarding process, the following webhooks can be used:

In addition to the above, you can also use this process to set up webhook notifications for payment- and transaction-related events:

- Transaction Payment Created - triggered when a successful customer payment has been made to one of your wallets
- Transaction Reversal Created - triggered when a refund for a previous customer payment has been made successfully
- Transaction Failed - triggered when a failed customer payment has been attempted to one of your wallets
- Transaction Price Calculated - triggered when a Viva Wallet commission payment has been withdrawn from your account

Onboarding flows

Please see below for some example videos outlining different onboarding flow scenarios:

The below options showing automated payouts to an external bank account are not available in the UK

New merchant - Viva Wallet payouts

A new merchant selecting payouts to a Viva Wallet account:

New merchant - external payouts

A new merchant selecting payouts to an external (non-Viva Wallet) IBAN:

Existing merchant - Viva Wallet payouts

An existing merchant using an existing business for payouts to a Viva Wallet account:

Existing merchant - external payouts

An existing merchant creating a new business for payouts to an external (non-Viva Wallet) IBAN:


Some Frequently Asked Questions about the ISV Partner program.

What are the requirements of applying?

ISVs must be able to:

What do I need to provide in order to become an ISV Partner?

You are required to provide Viva Wallet with:

The above information will be shown in Viva Wallet’s ISV Directory under your Partner profile.

Can I set up a different fee per merchant?

Yes, you can set up a different fee per merchant. You can even set up a different fee per transaction of the same merchant.

What if I have merchants using a currency other than mine?

If one of your merchants is in a country with a different currency from the one you have in your Viva Wallet account, we will perform the exchange conversion based on the ECB FX rate of the day that the amount will be credited and charge the money directly to your account.

What happens in case one of my merchant’s transactions is refunded?

If a merchant refunds a transaction to a customer, then the ISV fee that was withheld for this transaction will be reversed.

What will happen if my ISV fee is greater than the total amount of the transaction?

The payment will be declined. So we suggest you run a check to make sure your ISV fee will always be less than the total amount of an individual transaction.

When will I receive the funds from the ISV fees?

You should be expecting to receive your funds within the first 10 working days of the month following the month that the transactions were executed.

Further information

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