Online checkouts

Viva Wallet online checkouts offer many benefits:

Integrate with Viva Wallet and take payments online immediately. Choose the option that best suits your business:

Redirect Checkout

The most popular, most comprehensive, and easiest to integrate online checkout. When your customer is ready to make the payment, you direct them to a payment page hosted by Viva Wallet, where the customer provides their payment details and makes the payment. It involves minimal coding on your side and offers the widest variety of overall features:

Native Checkout v2

You can always use our advanced API to accept payments online, offering multiple payment methods and supporting recurring payments, without customers being redirected to a Viva Wallet page for payment.

Note that it will require considerable effort on your side, in order to integrate the various payment methods offered and implement the corresponding payment forms, implement flows for 3DS, implement card tokenization to use stored payment details, implement functionality to recognize returning shoppers and preferred payment methods, ensure a customer-centric user experience depending on customer country and device, and so on.

Of course, it requires special care to ensure PCI compliance to securely handle payment details such as credit cards.

Finally, it will also require ongoing effort on your side, in order to comply with continually changing regulatory and security requirements, include additional new payment methods, and incorporate additional local languages as you expand your business in other countries.