Go-live steps

Once you have completed testing of your Viva Wallet Redirect / Native Checkout v2 integration in the sandbox (demo) environment and are ready to launch on production, follow the steps below:

1. Register for a live Viva Wallet account

To do this, visit our Open your account page.

2. Set up a payment source in your production account

Visit Create a live payment source to find out how to do this.

3. Authenticate using production credentials (Redirect Checkout)

See How to authenticate using basic auth for further details.

4. Authenticate using OAuth 2 token generated with production credentials (Native Checkout v2)

See OAuth 2 token generation for further details.

5. Update base URLs to live (Redirect Checkout)

Replace demo.vivapayments.com with www.vivapayments.com in your code.

6. Update base URLs to live (Native Checkout v2)

Replace demo-api.vivapayments.com with api.vivapayments.com in your code.

7. Final live testing with a real payment card

Make a test purchase for a small amount using a supported card. Afterwards, you can cancel the transaction from your Viva Wallet account.