Samsung Pay™

Samsung Pay™ is a digital wallet platform for Android smartphones only, which allows you to authorize an online payment.

You can accept online payments through Samsung Pay™ if the below conditions are met:

• The customer has a mobile phone that is compatible with Samsung Pay™ .
• The customer has installed the Samsung Pay™ app on his mobile phone.
• The customer should create or use his existing Samsung Pay™ account.

Samsung Pay™ is supported as a payment method if you are registered in one of the below countries:

• France
• Germany
• Italy
• Sweden
• United Kingdom

All merchants are enabled by default to accept payments for Samsung Pay™

Samsung Pay™ works only with cards from participating card issuers and payment networks


Viva Wallet Smart Checkout supports Samsung Pay™ straight out of the box with no configuration required. All merchants are enabled by default to accept payments through Samsung Pay.

Your payment page will include the Samsung Pay™ button, as below:

Smart Checkout - Samsung Pay

The customer clicks on the Samsung Pay™ button and pays through the Samsung Pay™ application.

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