Viva Wallet

Viva Wallet is a digital wallet that powers online payments for merchants in Greece, Malta, and Cyprus. This method lets your customers pay you online using their personal Viva Wallet account if they wish to do so.

By default, all eligible merchants are enabled to accept payments with Viva Wallet. All customers can pay with Viva Wallet as long as they have a Viva Wallet personal account.

You can disable the Viva Wallet payment method by setting the disableWallet parameter to true, if you do not want to offer this to your customers


Smart Checkout supports Viva Wallet straight out of the box with no configuration required. Your payment page will include the Viva Wallet button, as below:

Smart Checkout - Pay with Viva Wallet

After the customers logs in to their Viva Wallet account, they see their Viva Wallet personal account details and click the ‘pay’ button to complete the purchase.

Smart Checkout - Pay with Viva Wallet - details

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