IRIS is an online payment method that helps your customers to complete their transactions by directly debiting a bank account through the secure environment of Smart Checkout. This method operates for most Greek banks, including the National Bank of Greece, and reaches almost all Greek users who use web banking solutions.

By default, all merchants in Greece are enabled to accept payments with IRIS. All customers can pay with IRIS if they have a valid e-bank account that supports IRIS.


Smart Checkout supports IRIS straight out of the box with no configuration required. Your payment page will include the IRIS button, as below:

Smart Checkout - Pay with IRIS

As soon as the ‘Continue to IRIS’ button is clicked, the user is directed to the IRIS environment. After completing the payment at the customer’s e-banking, the customer is redirected to the success URL. If the customer selects to cancel the order, they are redirected to the Smart Checkout form.

Smart Checkout - Pay with IRIS - details

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