Payconiq (for POS)

Information on the Payconiq (for POS) payment method.


Payconiq (for POS) allows you to generate a Payconiq QR code natively within your POS terminal. You can then present this QR code for your customers to scan with their mobile device, where they can complete the payment easily and securely.

User Experience

On the POS terminal, the merchant selects (1) the QR code payment option > (2) the Payconiq payment method.

The Payconiq QR code (3) is then displayed:

Payconiq (for POS) - User Journey - 1

The customer then uses the Payconiq app on their mobile device to scan the QR code:

Payconiq (for POS) - User Journey - 2

The customer completes the payment within their Payconiq app:

Payconiq (for POS) - User Journey - 3

Once the customer has completed the payment on their device, a confirmation message is shown:

Payconiq (for POS) - User Journey - 4

A confirmation message is also shown on the POS terminal:

Payconiq (for POS) - User Journey - 5


How to enable Payconiq (for POS)

All merchants are enabled by default to accept payments for Payconiq (for POS), with the exception of certain Merchant Categories.

Merchant Categories

There are some merchant categories that are not eligible to have Payconiq (for POS) enabled. If your business is in one of these categories, you will not be able to accept payments through Payconiq (for POS):

Merchant Category (MCC) Description
6010 Member Financial Institution–Manual Cash Disbursements
6011 Member Financial Institution–Automated Cash Disbursements
6051 Quasi Cash–Merchant
7273 Dating Services
7297 Massage Parlors
7393 Detective Agencies, Protective Agencies, Security Services including Armored Cars, Guard Dogs
9223 Bail and Bond Payments

Payment method icon

If desired, you can download and use this icon on your site or online store, in order to show customers you offer Payconiq (for POS) as a payment method:

Payment Method Icon - Payconiq

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