Payment tools

Viva Wallet provides the below options for accepting payments online from your customers, accepting a multitude of payment methods, even without having an online store:

Quick Pay

Accept payments using a link:

Payment notifications

Accept payments via email:

Keep in mind you can also use our Payment API to create a payment notification. This can be used, for example, to generate payment notifications in bulk, and/or send them via your own email platform. Furthermore, our Payment API offers additional features, such as support for pre-authorizations, or the option to create payment links that never expire or can accept multiple payments or allow the customer to indicate the amount to pay. Please refer to this tutorial for more details about using payment notifications with Payment API.

Virtual Terminal

A POS that is available inside your Viva Wallet business account: fill in your customer’s card details, select the charge button, and accept the payment.

Virtual Terminal is available only with certain account types. Please contact us to find out whether your business is eligible.