Accept multiple payment methods, such as international and local card schemes, digital wallets, local payment methods, online banking and direct debit.

Our plugin for OpenCart allows you to accept payments online to your OpenCart store via Viva Wallet. Your customers are redirected to Viva Wallet to make a payment.

The Viva Wallet OpenCart plugin is compatible with version 3.X.X

Before you start

Setup instructions

Adding the Viva Wallet plugin to OpenCart consists of the following steps.

Step 1: Create a payment source for your plugin

Step 2: Integrate with your e-commerce store

To start using Viva Wallet as the payment gateway within OpenCart:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Extract the contents of the ZIP archive ( downloaded earlier and upload the files from the upload directory to their corresponding location on the server with ftp/ssh.
    • Using the extension installer, click on the Upload button and browse to the ZIP archive (
  2. Overwrite files/folders as necessary (no core OpenCart files will be overwritten).

  3. Log in to the OpenCart admin section and go to Extensions > Payments.

  4. Find “Vivawallet” in the list of extensions.

  5. Click Install and then Edit the payment module settings.

  6. Use the source code (digit number like 1234) in the payment modules settings.