Smart Checkout

Smart Checkout is a turn-key solution for merchants to integrate with Viva Wallet to accept payments via an online store. It involves minimal effort on your side and offers the widest variety of payment options and overall features. When your customer is ready to make a payment, you direct them to a payment page hosted by Viva Wallet, where the customer provides their payment details and makes the payment. When the payment is completed, they are redirected back to a success (thank you) page of your choice.

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Smart Checkout offers the widest variety of overall features:

Smart Checkout is preferable to an API-based checkout (i.e. a checkout you need to build yourself for your online store by integrating with APIs offered by several different payment providers in order to offer all payment methods) for multiple reasons:

Integration guide

Here is our integration guide covering the process to integrate Smart Checkout with your online store.

Functionality & options

Here are details of the functionality & options offered by Smart Checkout, including the additional configuration choices available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our frequently asked questions (FAQs) surrounding the integration, configuration, and use of Smart Checkout.

Supported payment methods

As well as accepting Credit & Debit Card payments, Smart Checkout integrates with digital wallets such as Apple Pay™, Viva Wallet, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay™.

Other payment methods such as PayPal™, IRIS, Payconiq™ and SEPA Direct Debit as well as a wide array of alternative payment methods are also supported.

Please see our Payment Methods page for further information on all of our payment methods

Demo payment pages

Please find, below, demo pages for each available country. You can use these as illustrations of how the Smart Checkout payment page looks and functions.

You can use our test payment cards in order to test making payments.

Country Flag Demo Payment Page Link Country Flag Demo Payment Page Link
Austria Austria Ireland Ireland
Belgium Belgium Italy Italy
Bulgaria Bulgaria Luxembourg Luxembourg
Croatia Croatia Malta Malta
Cyprus Cyprus Netherlands Netherlands
Czech Republic Czech Republic Poland Poland
Denmark Denmark Portugal Portugal
Finland Finland Romania Romania
France France Spain Spain
Germany Germany Sweden Sweden
Greece Greece United Kingdom United Kingdom
Hungary Hungary

Get Support

If you have any questions about our solutions, or questions about how to integrate with our solutions, please refer to our Get Support page.