Samsung Pay integration

Samsung Pay is a digital wallet platform for Android smartphones only, which allows you to authorize an online payment.

You can accept online payments through Samsung Pay if the below conditions are met:

• The customer has a mobile phone that is compatible with Samsung Pay .
• The customer has installed the Samsung Pay app on his mobile phone.
• The customer should create or use his existing Samsung Pay account.

Samsung Pay is supported as a payment method if you are registered in one of the below countries.

• France
• Germany
• Italy
• Sweden
• United Kingdom

Note that Samsung Pay works only with cards from participating card issuers and payment networks .


Safe & Secure: Samsung Pay does not send the user’s debit or credit card number with your payment. Instead, a unique Token number is used to represent the actual card. So, the card details always stay safe.
Easy to use: No need for the users to carry credit or debit cards. They should have installed only the Samsung App on their mobile.
Availability: Samsung Pay Works Almost Everywhere.

Including in your checkout steps

Viva Wallet Smart Checkout supports Samsung Pay straight out of the box with no configuration required. All merchants are enabled by default to accept payments through Samsung Pay.

Your payment page will include the Samsung Pay button just below the amount to pay:

Pay with Apple Pay step 1

The customer clicks on the Samsung Pay button and pays through the Samsung Pay application.