Tutorials for payments

The following tutorials provide details, examples and code samples for some of Viva Wallet’s key integration use cases. The tutorials use the demo environment base URLs:

  1. https://demo.vivapayments.com/ (used by Smart Checkout, Payment API and Wallet API).
  2. https://demo-api.vivapayments.com/ (used by Obligations API and Issuing API)
  3. https://demo-accounts.vivapayments.com/ (used by IdentityServer (OAuth 2) authentication)

To switch from demo to production, replace with the following base URLs depending on which API call you are making:

  1. https://www.vivapayments.com/
  2. https://api.vivapayments.com/
  3. https://accounts.vivapayments.com/

You will also need to log in to your production Viva Wallet banking app in order to obtain the correct access / client credentials for authentication. Refer to the Getting started section for further details.

Click on the links below to view the tutorials: