Disable manual amount entry

How to disable manual amount entry for a POS app (Tap-on-Phone).


In some scenarios, it may be beneficial to disable the ability for users to manually enter an amount to be charged within the POS app. Please find the two main cases for this below, with instructions on how this can be achieved.

Case: Merchant restrictions for employees

A merchant may wish to restrict employees’ ability to manually enter a payment amount, for example if they will be using the POS app in tandem with a third-party application.

There are two ways this can be achieved:

Option 1: Disable via app settings

Option 1 involves the merchant manually disabling this option from within the POS app’s settings, before applying a PIN to prevent this setting from being modified by employees.

The process for this is as follows:

  1. On the main POS screen, click on the ‘More’ option at the bottom-right:

    Disable amount entry - 1

  2. Then click ‘PIN protection settings’:

    Disable amount entry - 2

  3. If needed, you can then select the toggle to ‘Enable PIN Protection’:

    Disable amount entry - 3

  4. Once enabled, you can select the ‘Disable manual amount entry’ option at the bottom of the list:

    Disable amount entry - 4

  5. You can then set (or change) your PIN to prevent these settings from being modified: Disable amount entry - 5

Option 2: Disable via set mode request

Option 2 involves sending a ‘set mode’ request to the POS app via an inter-app communication from a third-party application.

For manual amount entry to be disabled, the mode parameter needs to be set to either ‘1’ or ‘2‘:

After setting the mode to either semi- or fully-unattended mode, sale requests can be sent to the POS app to initiate payments.

Case: ISV Partner restrictions for merchants

For some ISV integrations, merchants can use the POS app in standalone mode, which allows users to enter a payment amount manually. This gives the potential for the user to avoid using the ISV Partner’s application entirely, which would prevent the ISV Partner from obtaining their ISV fee.

To avoid this situation, the ISV partner can set the mode of the POS app to either semi- or fully-unattended mode, just as with Option 2, above.

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