Lock Settings

How to lock settings options on POS terminals and devices.


The process to lock settings differs depending on the device. Please see the options below:

Android & Tap-on-Phone

  1. On the main POS screen, click on the ‘More’ option at the bottom-right:

    Android - 1
  2. Then click ‘PIN protection settings’:

    Android - 2
  3. You can then select the toggle to ‘Enable PIN Protection’:

    Android - 3
  4. Once enabled, you can choose which functions to protect (‘Settings’, ‘Transactions’, ‘Refunds’ & ‘Capture preauth’):

    Android - 4
  5. You can also set or change your PIN at any time:

    Android - 5

A80, A910, A920 & A920 Pro

  1. On the main POS screen, click on the hamburger menu at the top-left:

    A910 - 1
  2. Then click ‘System’:

    A910 - 2
  3. Then click ‘Settings’:

    A910 - 3
  4. You can then select the ‘Set PIN’ option:

    A910 - 4
  5. On the next screen, you can set and confirm your PIN to be used to lock access to the device settings:

    A910 - 5

IM30 & BluePAD

Upon initial activation, these terminals will require you to set a password/PIN. Therefore, these are automatically PIN-protected by default

When attempting to access PIN-protected settings, you will see the following screens, asking you to input your PIN:

IM30: IM30 - 1

BluePAD: BluePAD - 1


It is not currently possible to lock the settings on our Q30 countertop card terminal

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