Connect/Disconnect Card Reader

How to connect a card reader to phone.


The purpose of this article is to show how to connect a card reader to a phone.


  1. Either during the setup phase of the app, or via More > Card Readers in the app after setup is complete, select the type of card reader you wish to pair. CardReader

  2. Select the connection method you wish to use, Bluetooth or USB. CardReader

  3. Switch on the card reader and put it into pairing mode. CardReader

  4. In the app, select the device from the options available. CardReader

  5. Ensure that your device has paired to the card reader over Bluetooth if it is the connection method. CardReader

  6. Press the connect button on the card reader and wait for connection to complete. CardReader

  7. Press continue when connection is complete to begin using the card reader. CardReader

  8. Choose to pair more devices, or continue. CardReader

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