Enable/Disable Payment reference

How to enable/disable payment reference in Tap On Phone


Payment reference functionality on Tap On Phone allows you to add description to help you identify the payment on interface thus connecting useful information per transaction. This can be achieved either by manual entry or by scanning a QR code.

The purpose of this article is to show how to enable/disable Payment reference functionality in the Viva Wallet PoS app.


  1. Open the Viva Wallet POS (ToP) app and select in the bottom menu the More option:

    VW POS app main menu

  2. Select the Payment reference menu option:

    Payment reference menu

  3. Enable enable/disable the toggle in Enable Payment Reference section and select from which source you want to enter the Payment reference:

    Activate Payment reference

  4. Returning to the main screen you have two options for adding the Payment Reference.

    (1) You can select Add reference and then type the desired text: Add a reference
    (2) You can select Scan code and scan a barcode or QR code: Add a reference

  5. Upon successfully adding a payment reference, the reference text (consisting of words, numbers and special characters) will be displayed above the keypad:

    Add a reference

  6. If needed, you can click on this payment reference at any time to edit it (either to update it or remove it entirely):

    Add a reference

To retrieve Payment reference information, login to your VW account, navigate to Sales → Sales Transactions → Pinpoint the relative transaction → Select info (transaction details) and check the Merchant Reference value.

To retrieve a transaction with a specific Payment reference, login to your VW account, navigate to Sales → Sales Transactions → Advance Search → Fill the Merchant Reference with Payment reference and click search.

You may also find Payment reference information in the body of a Transaction Payment Created webhook event. The information is diplayed on MerchantTrns parameter.

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