PIN Protection

How to protect various app functions with a PIN for a POS app (Tap-on-Phone).


Some features can be protected by a PIN to restrict employees from performing certain actions.


  1. On the main POS screen, click on the ‘More’ option at the bottom-right

    pin protection - 1

  2. Then click ‘PIN protection settings’

    pin protection - 2

  3. If needed, you can then select the toggle to ‘Enable PIN Protection’

    pin protection - 3

  4. If you did not set a pin earlier, you will be prompted to set a pin

    pin protection - 4 pin protection - 5

  5. Once enabled, you can select the desired functions to be PIN protected

    pin protection - 6

  6. You can also change your PIN to prevent these settings from being modified

    pin protection - 4 pin protection - 4 pin protection - 4 pin protection - 5

Available options for pin protection

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