Transaction parameters

The result of a transaction is identified by the StatusId parameter. It can have any one of the values outlined in the table below.

StatusId parameter

EThe transaction was not completed because of an error
AThe transaction is in progress
MThe cardholder has disputed the transaction with the issuing Bank
MADispute Awaiting Response
MIDispute in Progress
MLA disputed transaction has been refunded (Dispute Lost)
MWDispute Won
MSSuspected Dispute
XThe transaction was cancelled by the merchant
RThe transaction has been fully or partially refunded
FThe transaction has been completed successfully

TransactionTypeId parameter

The transaction type is identified by the TransactionTypeId parameter and its corresponding name parameter. They can have any one of the following value pairs:

0CardCaptureA Capture event of a preAuthorized transaction
1CardPreauthAuthorization hold
4CardRefundRefund transaction
5CardChargeCard payment transaction
6CardChargeInstallmentsA card payment that will be done with installments
7VoidA payment cancelation
9Wallet PaymentA Wallet Payment
11Wallet RefundA Refund of a Wallet Payment
13Claim RefundRefund transaction for a claimed transaction
15DiasPayment made through the DIAS system
16PaymentFromResellerCash Payments, through the Viva Wallet Authorised Resellers Network
18RefundInstallmentsA Refunded installment
A ‘Payment with Installments’, is always shown as a group, comprising of one initial Type 6 transaction (the initial command) and several Type 5 transactions (the installments), one for every subsequent month. The initial (Type 6) transaction, indicates the total number of monthly installments using the ‘Installments’ parameter. Every installment (Type 5), will always have the ‘ParentId’ of the initial (Type 6) transaction and the parameters ‘TotalInstallments’ and ‘CurrentInstallment’ set accordingly.

The transactions that reverse previous payments have always a negative amount. Those transactions are RefundCard (Type 4), Void (Type 7) and RefundInstallments (Type 18).