Webhooks for payments

Viva Wallet supports webhooks, a simple and powerful solution that allows you to receive notifications each time a specific event takes place.

Webhook Events

The following events are available for which a notification can be sent:

Receive Webhook

To receive webhook notifications, you need to create a public URL resource that can receive (via POST) objects of type Message<TransactionEventData>.

Message has the following properties:

TransactionEventData has the following properties:

You may confirm the transactions status through the StatusId parameter.

Retry policy

Viva Wallet will assume you have successfully received a webhook notification if you respond with http status 200 to the POST calls received from us. In any other case (e.g. http status 404,401,500) a retry mechanism will start and run once per hour until a status 200 is received or the maximum retries threshold is reached (72 retries / 3 days).

Further information

Check out the related tutorial below for more details on this topic: