Webhooks for payments

Viva Wallet supports webhooks, a simple and powerful solution that allows you to receive notifications each time a specific event takes place.

Webhook Events

The following events are available for which a notification can be sent:

Note that webhook notification will be not triggered for expired, cancelled payments, or payments that failed 3DS user authentication (see the additional Event ID codes).

Retry policy

Viva Wallet will assume you have successfully received a webhook notification if you respond with http status 200 to the POST calls received from us.

In any other case (HTTP error codes 3xx, 4xx, or 5xx) a retry mechanism will apply (72 retries / 3 days) will start and run once per hour until a status 200 is received or the maximum retries threshold is reached.

Further information

Check out the related tutorial below for more details on this topic:

Please note that you do not need to set up webhooks for the WooCommerce Standard Checkout plugin or the Shopify Smart Checkout plugin, as they are automatically created by the plugin.

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